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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  October 6, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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autographs tonight for adoring fans in san francisco. and tomorrow they will perform for hundreds of thousands of people along the san francisco water tront. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. altogether one million people are expected to drive, boat or bart into the city to take part in an unprecedented weekend of high-profile events. along with the blue angels there is the america's cup world series along the embarcadero, the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park. the giants have playoff games
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at 6:30 p.m. on saturday and sunday. the castro stree fair d th italn ritage pade on nday. that to name a feof t ents. ama tes isive tonit with what i gng on. am how do you get where you are going? >> dan, it is dizzying thinking about all of the events. it is hard to keep them straight. we are here at pier39 where people are hanging out and having a good time before he take a cab home or walk to where they are going. tomorrow i expect lots more people to be out here to check out things like the blue angels. >> that's the best part of our job. the flying is unbelievable, but to meet kids and get them excited about what they have to offer or staying in school, that's what it is all about. >> big crowds never get old, but they will fly over the traffic while the rest of us are stuck in it. >> we will get here early and camp out all day. >> andrew johnston and his
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family will make sure to see them in action. but parking will be sparse for events like hardly strictly bluegrass. they encourage you to leave the car at home and hop on your skateboard or bike instead. >> i live in the glen park neighborhood. sometimes i take the 44 bus up to the top of the hill. from there i just it is all downhill. >> reporter: bike parking is free, so be ready to pay for $25 jefferson elementary school will park in their lot. >> our school is so under funded that this is another way for us to raise money. between the outside lands and this one, it makes about $10,000. >> reporter: people charging for parking will not be the only ones raking it in. they are already bustling with hungry customers near the italian heritage parade. she says she is ready for the crowds. >> it is a crazy day. it is a crazy week.
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we are looking forward to it. we are fully staffed. >> reporter: it-- >> it is crazy, but hopefully you will have a good time. i did see some people roller blading. and why ride your bike when you can catch one of the pedi cabs and somebody can do the peddling for you. lots to do, but it will take you awhile. >> bring your patience, thanks, ama. there are a host of other events not in san francisco. in oakland it is first friday feating an ar walk and outdr movi. it is a project fromixarnd it iseing shownn wt grand avue near broady. you have no excuse to say there is nothing to do in the bay area. justin bieber performs at oracle arena on friday and madonna plays in san jose for two nights. cal and stanford have homecoming games, and there is the mill valley film festival as well. at under see it
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on tv we have a map to several of the big events taking place in san francisco. just click on the ones you want to go to. we will show you how to get there using public transportation. if you have to drive the traffic app can guide you around the gridlock. you can download it at >> i don't remember a time with this much going on. it is a lot of fun. the question is will the weather cooperate? >> sandhya patel has some answers for us. >> absolutely do, carolyn and dan. nature is on our side this weekend with all of the events. let's check out live doppler 7hd. we have some clouds out. there low-level clouds, high-level clouds. here is the forecast for the blue angels and america's cup. tomorrow morning along the waterfront, 10:00 a.m., low 60s. at 1:00 partly sunny as the blue angels take off. sunny breaks mid60s around 4:00 as america's race -- america's cup race gets under way. dropping to ict is degrees with partly cloudy conditions. forecast for the hardly
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strictly bluegrass festival, take a coat or a sweatshirt. mid50s and then mostly cloudy at 1:00. peaks of sun by 4:00. but it will be back in the mid50s at that time. we have a slight chance of showers in the forecast. find out exactly when when i come back with the details. carolyn? >> thank you, sandhya. if you haven't filled up in the past couple days, brace yourself. the price per gallon has jumped more than 40 cents at some stations, reaching above $5 a gallon. it is challenging for anyone who drives, and especially for those who depend on their cars to make a ling. thomas ran is live fors in san jose tonigh thomas? >> carolyn, we are at a chevron where the price of gasoline has got up 40 cents in the past four days. this record increase may show up anywhere from the grocery stores and retail stores and maybe even the taxicab you take. >> i wouldn't say i have made ends meet here. >> he drives a taxi in san jose. the recent record spike in gas prices is cutting into his
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wages. he says drivers like him need relief. it is hurting. in fact, i am going to have to see the owner of the cab company next week and ask if we can do something about a surcharge or get it back somehow. >> that means passing the gas increase on to customers. he says he pays $100 a day to lease hi cab. he makes anywhere from nothi to $300 ashif pay for gas. >>t is sraig $60. >> seven if you made $300 a night, $60 is going to go to gas? >> straight away. >> the price for regular at this chevron station on bird avenue was $4.33 on tuesday night. by friday night it hit $4.69, a difference of 36 cents in four day. >> my jaw dropped when i looked at it. i could not believe it. >> jarod filled his ta up two ys ago. sincehen it has gone up 26 cents a gallon. >> i will have to cut back on little luxuries, whether it be buying something on-line or
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those little extras at the grocery store. >> i have been able to pay the bills with the money, but it is enough for me to pay the bills. >> he is a student who delivers pizza for pizza my heart in san jose. he gets $1.50 for each he delivers using his own car and gas. he is wondering how the new gas prices affect hi >> i am not sure how much. i have to find out when i fill up my tank. >> he hopes the tips he makes will help make up the difference in the increase in gas prices and a manager at pizza my heart says perhaps the corporation will help these delivery people out. thomas roman san jose news. >> thanks very much. thieves have struck two gas stations stealing 700 gallons of fuel. they disabled the pump's meter taking 350alls both times. police ve secury cama
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video. but there o thie this jus in. eaking news, a shooting in east oakland last one person in critical condition and another with a leg wound. th happened after 9:00 on birch street. the neighbor took us into his house to show us where bullets zipped through a chair and barely missing his two-year-old son. no arrests have been made. new at 11:00, a pedestrian is dead after being hit by a car on highway 87 in san jose. the accident happened around 8:15 at san carlos street. three lanes of traffic were shutdown as well as on-ramps to guadeloupe parkway. they don't know why they were walking on that stretch of roadway. residents of a south hayward neighborhood are investigating an officer -involved shooting. it happened near the intersection of briar gateway and vanderbilt near tree view elementary school. sky 7hd was overhead where the dark-colored sedan was surrounded by evidence markers.
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you can see those yellow pieces of plastic. the car was reported solen when offics told the occupanto show hisands. police say the man reached for a weapon and was shot. the unidentified victim died later at the hospital. salinas police will not charge a man who used his gun stoping a suspect and wounding him in the process. they saw this mexican restaurant being robed and got his gun out of the car. he watched the young mandy mapped money from customers at npoint, an he began shoong when he saw his friend thrted. >>e di ha aay to prott himself. he felt that people were threatened and he needed to take matters into his own hand. i would call him definitely a good samaritan. >> somebody drove them to the hospital. one teen died and the other is in critical condition tonight. the good samaritan us a lel weapon in a lel manner. anakland man who believede was died a transpnt becausef his illegal imigration status is
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recovering tonight wit a new kidney. 35-year-old jesus navarro waited seven years before getting a kidney. hospital officials say the holdup was his financial situation because post op care s expensive and obviously necessy afrmajor predure li that. the clic areed to pride navarr free after care which put him back on the recipient list. up next, an iphone factory on strike. why thousands of chinese workers are walking off the job. >> also an abc7 news exclusive. the surveillance video showing how smartphones are being stolen on muni. >> and controversy over today'sobless repor whsome caim the prident is cooking the books.
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on the rise, and police warn that mu knee riders are -- muni riders are especially vulnerable. san francisco police showed us this surveillance video. officers point out how quickly
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thieves target their victims and steel their phones. this man is about to steel the -- steal the cell phone of the woman next to him. he is scouting the surroundings. >> his looking at the door and making sure nobody will get in the way. she is completely unoblivious. >> the thief then makes his move. it is all over in a matter of seconds. police say everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings and who is nearby. of the 4,000 robberies between january and august, half of them targeted cell phones. unbelievable. iphones popular to steel and thousands of workers at a factory in china that makes the apple iphone 5 went on strike to protest overly strict working condions. a group called china labor watch reports that, woulders at a fox con factory were given impossible standards to meet and given vacation time. workers at a different fox con factory rioted forcing a temporary closure of the facility. the company contracts with apple to produce the new
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iphone that is in obviously heavy demand. so far there has been no comment on the strike from apple or fox con. america's jobless rate is at a number we have not seen in four years. e dip in unemploent comes ashey rert 114,00 new bs addedast month. almostmmedialy sombegan claiming that it help the president get re-elected. officials at the labor department say the numbers are crunched by highly trained government employees in secret. >> how much of a secret is that number before you put it out? you can't call me up and tell me what the numbers are going to be. >> i can't tell anyone. it is a complete secret. >> in fact, before the released, these workers #r* literally sworno secry. the white house does not see their work until it is done. more than 550 jobs will be available at the next abc7 job journal hire event. it will take place in emeryville from noon until 4:00 on wednesday. well, back to what we
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started with at the top and all of the things going on this weekend and whether the weather will cooperate. >> at least we know it won't be raining on us. sandhya patel is here. >> that's right. carolynndan,t will be a dry forecast is weekend. eck out the blue angels. this was sent to me -- it was posted on facebook by brandy m. she said "i was checking out the blue angels" as we were practicing. and of course a gorgeous shot there. we will see a mix of sun and clouds. let's check out live doppler 7hd. and here is a glimpse of what is to come. we have high clouds and low clouds. there is no fog to speak of right now, and that's because of an area of low pressure. i will show that you in a second. it is keeping the atmosphere mixed up. it is looking good for the festivity. temperatures at this hour are still mild in the 50s and the 60s as you can see here. and here is what the forecast holds, mostly cloudy skies. sun and cloud mixed in, and a chance of swers coming mond anduesday. so you ha yourself a dry ekend i you have plans.
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first thing tomorrow morning, if the little ones have games, it is going to be dry, but cloudy. upper 40s to mid50s as you will notice here. and here is what is coming as we get closer to the weekend. an area of low pressure is staying off the coast. we will see some clouds from time to time. it will pretty much be a mild pattern for both saturday and sunday. we will go with a mix of clds and sun, and thenoy monday and tuesday this system gets closer and we start to see the psibility of some rain drops. isolated showers, light at best. and if this low lingers here a little longer we may be looking at a few more showers coming into the forecast. san francisco averages an inch of rain in the month of october. so it is not that uncommon to see some wet weather here. just make sure by sunday night you have your umbrellas ready in case you need them. highs for saturday in the south bay, 73 in campbell, cupertino, 74 for los gatos. 73 on the peninsula and 67 in millbrae. 71 in palo alto. a partly cloudy day and along
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the coastline notice the absence of the fog. it is just going to be clouds. mid60s pacifica. downtown san francisco 65 degrees. south san francisco 66. sunset district is really comfortable at 62. and in the north bay you will see mild readings. saw though ma, napa2 grees, valjo 71. headut toward the east bay, 70 for newark and inland communities, running cooler than average for this time of year, but still pleasant. 74 in walnut creek and 76 in livermore and around the monterey bay. 66 in monterey and 75 inland in morgan hill. we have some games happening this weekend as well. the playoffs, san francisco giants host the reds 6:30 tomorrow night. i would take a sweatshirt if i was you. and if you are heading to candlestick park to check out the 49ers play the bills at 62 degrees at 1:25 and 64 by 4:30 in the afternoon. looking nice and mild for both
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games. mid60s to the mid70s for the weekend. it is dry, and then we will bring in the slight possibility of showers on monday and tuesday. low 60s to mid70s. a little cooler. the temperatures hillary cover a little bit thursday and friday. but it is not going to be a major change. if you want a major change in your life try a sweepstakes. it is not too late to win $49,000 from abc7. these are the people that are taking a chance. elizabeth from oakland and lori n and bobs b entered through our facebook page. the winner will be uh united states nod after the 49ers game here on abc7 october 18th. you can enter too. go to news and click on the win $49,000 button for the details. and of course none of us qualified, but some lucky person will. >> absolutely, thanks, sandhya. coming up, a's fans who can't buy tickets to the playoffs have a plan. >> their demand to get more
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fast. pennant fever is here, and some are starting to send in your fan pictures which we
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just love to see. this one is from desiree and sam who gotten gauged at an a's game in 2006. that's a great shot. now, here is little kaelin doing e wve a the m hammer bobblehe give away. you can e-ma the gias and a's fans photos to you repor at we will show some of the photos on the air throughout the playoffs and show them at news. send them in. we want them on tv. thousands of fired up a's fans are petitioning the club to open more seats for the playoffs. the group has an on-line petition drive to remove the organizers hope to get 20,000 signatures within two days since 2006 most of the upper deck in the coliseum has been covered for a's games. that limits the seating cacity to 35,000 in a stadium that could seat upwards of 55,000 fans. >> it is an economic issue
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quite frankly. the other issue is if we get 20,000 additional people to go to the game they will buy a lot of food and beverage and the sales tax will come to the city of oakland. >> let's go oakland has now 52,000 follows on the facebooknning pa. manageme says it has no plans thgh to remove the tarps for the division playoffs. >> you hope everybody wants to go to the game. >> that would be nice. >> i'm sure there is a great reason for keeping the tarp on. we swrus have no idea what it might be. here is the problem with the one-game playoff. an absurd call changes everything in atlanta. and oh, do the fans react. sports is next.
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here is the trouble with the one-game playoff. you play 162 games for one chance and an umpire blows the call and it kills you. it happened in atlanta. molina with a drive to right. look at hayward. he is going back to the wall and he leaps and makes the catch. that is spectacular concentration right there. the top six and former a. a solo homer and 4-2 saint luis. a melt down in the eighth. holiday is coming in and the ball will drop, but he calls
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it the infield fly rule. so the batter is automatically out instead of bases loaded and one man out and two out. fans throw trash on the field. the braves protested. the protest was denied. this is flat out the wrong call. it was made late. i could go on and on. but time prevents that. after a 19-minute delay he strikes out michael borne. they will face the nationals in the division series. this game was the final contest. the final contest of chipper jones' career. >> that call right there is a gray area. i don't know, but i am not willing to say that particular call cost us the ballgame three errors cost ushe ballgame. >> the surprising or yell are trying to advance against the free falling texas rangers. one of his two runs batted in to make it a 3-run game. jim


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